A New Slice – By Dig BR

By  Jessica Schlorke

City Slice brings East Coast flavors to BR pizza

What does the perfect combination of local pride, seasoned travels and restaurant skills produce? Baton Rouge, welcome to City Slice: the second act to owner Stephen Hightower’s City Pork. The new restaurant is located on 164 W. Chimes Street near LSU and features New Haven-inspired whole pizzas, pizza by the slice, beer on tap and numerous other unique dishes with a flavor that Baton Rouge has yet to taste.

The goal is tradition, not trendy, Hightower said. A trip to the northeast ten years ago was the driving force behind City Slice and the inspiration for a New Haven-inspired palette.

“I’ve always remembered that flavor. New Haven is famous for the white clam sauce, so that is [exciting to] incorporate.”

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